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Wierdly enough. My sister would love to wake me up in the morning by straddling me in bed and grinding on me "accidentally" she would also sit on my lap once in awhile apparently to see how quickly she could get me hard. Mmm mmm mm mmm she moaned as I held her head in my hands and thrust my cock in and out of her wet mouth. She farted naked in my face and I stuck it in. I told him it looked big, and he liked that and then we went back to kissing. Also I wasn't really expecting it to stand straight up like that and for a while I thought that was because he was really, really turned on. Share Facebook.

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When we went to bath he let me grab it, and aim it at pee time. Show All. Xper 5. I'm alittle concerned why you had a boner though while your mom was cutting your hair!?!? YouthfulPallor Xper 5.

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A friend of mines girl friend asked to see my junk. Me, my buddy and her were all hanging out and my buddy and I were joking about who had the bigger penis. I of course, claimed to have the bigger one, so she got up and sat on my lap in an attempt to gauge this for herself I suppose. Lol! This was. My first time was about years ago so I was Our parents weren’t home, Me and my step brother (who was 15) just finished swimming we went inside to shower my step brother was taking off his clothes, until then I had never seen a naked boy and wondered. Once we got in the shower he was turned away from me and I realy wanted to see. The doctor never once touched my actual penis, they touch your balls everytime for a "cough test" but what he just described doesn't sound right to me at all. Show All Show Less. Home > Sexual Health > My doctor made me come! was she supposed to do that? .

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I didn't really SEE it coming out, lol. I mean, from my knowledge it's been fine if he was a baby and she was cleaning him but since they're the same age I don't know. He asked me if I wanted to see it and I wasn't sure, but said okay. Were you day dreaming about something? When we were both younger yes, we messed around but it never escalated beyond a few touches here and there. He jerked out of me and curled up and started coughing? And she was a really smart girl. I said as I pulled my shorts off and began to masterbate in front of her again.

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